June 5, 2016 ECS Monthly Breakfast by Elsabet Legesse

We thank Woizero Konjit Fekade, Woizero Birtukan Kesete, Woizero Yabundej Tesfaye and Woizero Ejyensu Araya for donating this month’s breakfast.  It is the dedication of such members that helps sustain our organization.

We were joined by two newcomers, Abebaw Tadesse and Messaye Tadele.  It’s great to see the ECS community growing one new member at a time!

Woizero Azeb Aberra made an important announcement regarding ECS’ annual graduation celebration to be held at our community center on June 19, 2016 from 2:00pm to 5:00pm.  We will be acknowledging those who completed high school, university and post graduate studies.  We value and take pride in our Ethiopian immigrant community who achieve academic success.  Please call our center as soon as possible and let us know the names of any 2016 graduates you would like to be included.  The number is (206) 325-0304.  You can also refer anyone you know to this website to register.

ECS continues to work hard to ensure that our organization serves as the cultural hub for our community today and will remain so long into the future.  Towards this end we explore viable options that will enable us to achieve financial stability as well as longevity.  With this in mind, ECS is in the early stages of establishing a partnership with South East Effective Development (SEED), to redevelop our center and construct low income housing at our current location by building additional floors.  This will require raising an initial capital.  A few of our members have already started this process by contacting governmental entities and are working towards securing funds.  Our collaborative effort will involve experts in various fields who will be crucial to our success.  Over the years ECS has earned the good will of such experts and they have been eagerly participating.  Again, this process is still in its early stages.  

We will continue to provide information to our membership throughout the process which will require the participation of each and every member.  Those present were highly receptive to this idea and expressed their warm support.

ECS started out three decades ago without a place of its own, holding gatherings wherever it can.  Through the hard work of its members it is now the proud owner of a community center.  With the same perseverance and a view to the long term, we can achieve financial stability and leave a legacy for our children. 

Ethiopian Community In Seattle cordially invites you to attend the Fourth Annual Fundraising Gala which will be held on October 8th, 2016 at Emerald Downs Ballroom. Come and enjoy a night of delicious Ethiopian cuisine, music, silent and live auction, dancing as well as appearances by renowned guests.