July 3, 2016 ECS Monthly Breakfast By Elsabet Legesse

We would like to thank Yemiserach Kifle and Mulu Belete for once again donating this month’s breakfast.  Generous members such as they keep our monthly tradition a regular occurrence.  We thank them very much.

We were joined by several newcomers: Wendemu Zeleke, Emebet Admassu, Tsega Selassie Workalemahu, Daniel Negash, Eneyew Melaku and Assefa Desta.  It’s always a joy to see more members of the Ethiopian community participate in the events held at ECS.


  1. July 9, 2016 ECS will hold a fundraising event starting 6:00pm to help homeless Ethiopians in the Seattle area. Homelessness is becoming a serious problem in the city and many Ethiopians have fallen victim.  Currently several of them are living in tent cities.  ECS will use the money raised to place some of them in temporary shelters for a couple of months until they can move into temporary shelters and continue to work with them until they get permanent housing.  The event will be at our community center (8323 Rainier Ave. S., Seattle, WA 98118).  Tickets are on sale for $30.  Please call our center at (206) 325-0405 to make a purchase.
  2. ECS is looking for volunteers to help in our upcoming celebration of Ethiopian New Year on September 11, 2016. As always we hope to make this a fun-filled family event and we need your participation.  Please call our community if you would like to be a part of keeping our tradition alive.
  3. The Support Committee started its work early in preparation for our 4th annual fundraising gala which will be on October 8, 2016 at Emerald Downs. Please mark your calendar in anticipation of this event.  You will be enjoying an amazing evening as well as helping your community.


  1. Our main speaker this month was Daniel Negash, Attorney-at-law. Citing his experience as a former prosecuting attorney at King County, he talked about how many of the legal problems Ethiopians run into are due to lack of basic information or misinformation about the law.  He shared a couple of heart-wrenching examples that illustrated his point and expressed his interest in helping his community avoid or overcome such problems.  We are truly fortunate to have a member amongst us who is willing to step up and lend assistance in an area of expertise that’s much needed by so many Ethiopians in the Seattle area.  We appreciate his gesture.  Daniel Negash can be reached at (206) 245-0972.
  2. Daniel Kebede, a member of the Meklit poetry group shared a first person story from his childhood about losing and many years later, finding a friend. Daniel obviously has the rare gift of story-telling which captivated all in attendance and held our interest right through the end of the unexpected but wonderful ending of his heart-warming story.  What a treat it was!  Thank you, Daniel.
  3. Ato Alula Wasse read a poem about the love of country entitled “Ye’Ager Fikir Lekfet” authored by Dr. Hailu Araya. Listening to it reminded us of the rich heritage we are able to enjoy despite being so far away from home.

Lastly, we would like to express our thanks to the following:

  1. Mekonnen Tsega who volunteered to cover the $400 cost of repairing a broken pipe at our center. Stepping up to help his community is nothing new to Mekonnen Tsega.  It’s impossible to list the many, many times and ways he has been contributing to ECS over the years.  Thank you, Mekonnen.
  2. Daniel Desta brought several tables and table cloths which our center sorely needs. Some of our tables were not in the best shape.  Daniel’s gift is quite timely.  We appreciate him.
  3. Tigist Bilelgne has volunteered to pay for the injera which will be served at the upcoming fundraising on July 9th. Again, ECS would not be where it is today without the generosity of its members.  Thank you, Tigist.


Ethiopian Community In Seattle cordially invites you to attend the Fourth Annual Fundraising Gala which will be held on October 8th, 2016 at Emerald Downs Ballroom. Come and enjoy a night of delicious Ethiopian cuisine, music, silent and live auction, dancing as well as appearances by renowned guests.