International Women’s Day Celebration at ECS on March 26, 2017

ECS celebrated International Women’s Day on March 26, 2017 and what a beautiful gathering it was! In keeping with this year’s theme of “Be Bold for Change”, we addressed the current atmosphere in this country regarding immigrants and what each one of us can do to correct the false way in which we are being portrayed. We had presenters and a panel discussion who tackled the topic from various perspectives including education, public health and participation in the political process.
The gathering also included some entertainment courtesy of Selam Misgano, one of our members, who is truly gifted in the performing arts, among other things. In addition, Daniel Kebede and Tesfaye Demisse (both from the poetry group, Meklit), told touching stories about their mothers and grandmothers whom they love so much and the great influence these women made in their lives. Tesfaye also graced us with a poem in tribute to those who perished recently at “Qoshe”, as they were swallowed by an avalanche of rubble in Addis Abeba.
Bringing our topic of discussion to life, three members of our community told their stories of migration to the U.S. and of their struggles to make a life for themselves and their families. We would like to thank Melkitu Zeleke, Attica Ahmed and Saba Paulos for sharing their experience.
We would also like to thank the group of members who worked hard putting this event together as well as the following guest panelists who honored us with their presence:
– Dr. Ngozi Oleru, Director of Environmental Health Division for Public Health Seattle and King County.
– Senait Habte, Assistant Director of UW Women’s Center, Making Connections Program.
– Lydia Assefa-Dawson, Council member for the City of Federal Way.
The keynote speech for this event is attached in PDF format. Please click the following link to read more.

Be Bold for Change

March 26 Amharic

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