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ECS will implement the Mental Health Promotion (MHP) Project from July 2020 to June 2021 with a goal of advancing health equity by improving access to mental health services for under- served communities through raising awareness and facilitating access to mental health resources. The goal is accomplished through 1) Training of community members on mental health 2) provide mental health consultations in places of worship and at ECS on designated times and 3) share educational materials and list of mental health resources in three Ethiopian languages.

ECS seeks to hire the services of a consultant who will design and implement a monitoring and evaluation plan. The plan and the findings from the evaluation will support ECS to understand the effectiveness of its interventions and overall impact of the project. The plan is expected to include a baseline and end line survey to gauge changes at outcome level and more targeted data collection during implementation to gauge effectiveness of specific outputs e.g., training. An in-depth analysis of findings from surveys and evaluation is expected at the end of the project period with description of the effectiveness and impact of the project. The findings of the evaluation will inform future designs of similar programs of ECS.

Evaluation questions should include but not limited to:

Effectiveness and Impact

Potential conclusions and recommendations:

The consultant is expected to submit a technical and financial proposal to ECS. The technical proposal should include a detailed description of the methodology to be utilized as well as how it plans to build on previous surveys. Financial proposal should include the budget to carry out the monitoring and evaluation and schedule of deliverables.

The consultant will work with the project team to ensure accurate representation and interpretation of the project activities, outcomes, and implications of the work. Interested applicants can reach out to ECS at 2063250304 or email to secure more detailed information on the MHP project, including timelines and high-level success indicators.

Contracting is expected to start September 1, 2020 and is expected to be completed July 31, 2021. Qualifications

The consultancy will be part time for the duration of the contract, which is approximately 1 year. To apply, please submit your financial and technical proposal and three references to with the headline “ Request for Proposal – Consultancy on Monitoring and Evaluation” or mail application to the Ethiopian Community in Seattle, 8323 Rainier Ave. S, Seattle, WA, 98118. Application will close by midnight PST on August 23, 2020. ​

Position Title: Book Keeper

Reports to: Executive Director

Hours: Part time, Seven hours a week


The Ethiopian Community in Seattle (ECS) is a 501 (C) (3) with a mission to facilitate a seamless integration of all persons of Ethiopian origin with mainstream United States. Additionally, ECS aims to contribute to the social, cultural and civic life of the Puget Sound Area as well as assisting Ethiopians and Ethiopian Americans to preserve and share their ancient and rich cultural heritage.

The multilayered support provided by ECS makes community and critical connections possible for first- and second-generation Ethiopians who face all of the challenges of building a life in a new place. After helping community members gain a foothold with housing and employment, ECS works to breakdown additional barriers of language, health care and education critical to the full circle of success in any community.

ECS seeks to hire a book keeper to take care of the day to day finances of the organization on a part time basis.



To apply for this position, please submit an application to ECS by September 7, 2020 by e-mailing your application to or mail it to the Ethiopian Community in Seattle, 8323 Rainier Avenue South, Seattle, 98118. Only applicants chosen for interview will be contacted.