ECS values community! Keeping in touch and up to date with our monthly kurse is important to us. Prior to COVID-19 ECS hosted in-person monthly breakfasts for the community to gather, connect, eat and share organizational updates. For the safety of our members, we have continued these monthly sessions over zoom on the first Sunday of every […]

Graduate Celebration day

ECS likes to recognize and reward the hard work of all the students graduating from High School and College. The community hosts a day to gather and for the students to come with their graduation caps and stole. It is a lively event for the youth to gather, exchange memories and eat lots of good […]

International Women’s day

In solidarity with women all over the world, the PR community organizes this event in keeping with the theme of the year. Our community has learned a great deal about the struggle women have waged for equality and the important role women play in society across all areas of life.

Adwa Memorial Day

Adwa Victory Day – Ethiopia’s victory over Italian aggression in March 1896 is a source of pride to not only Ethiopians but Black people throughout the world. ECS has been celebrating this historic event for several years. These events have always been an enormous success and typically consist of a day full of activities and […]

Black History Month

Black History Month ECS celebrates Black History month annually through the preservation, promotion, and dissemination of information important to the awareness and unity of Black Americans. February, also known as Black history month, is when we like to focus on how we as Ethiopians can connect with Black Americans on a larger scale. This is […]

Ethiopian New Year “Enqoutatash”

Enqoutatash or Ethiopian New Year is an important celebration for all. It marks the 1st of Meskerem, the end of the rainy season, and the beginning of the next 13 months of sunshine. We at ECS understand the importance of nurturing our traditions in this country and hope to pass the torch on to the […]

Ethiopian Village

Ethiopian Village  Ethiopian village promotes healthy, dignified aging in a central, affordable location. Residents will be able to participate in ECS healthy living programs in a location that promotes community, reduces isolation, and makes social services easily accessible. Construction started in August of 2021 and is expected to be completed in April of 2023. As […]

Senior Health workshops

ECS hosts monthly health-related workshops on chronic disease management, mental health, and physical activity. Part of our mission at ECS is to cultivate a healthy lifestyle and improve the well-being of our community members. This is in part done through health and chronic disease management education in partnership with our Health Board.  Due to COVID-19 […]